In the first day of screening the selected films of The Globe International Silent Film Festival, two films named chamber music directed by Katharina Blanken from Germany and Tehran directed by Emad Hosseini were screened in outdoor cinema campus of Hilaj the school of filmmaking and cinematic research.

In this event which was hosted by Globe festival and film club of Hilaj, Mr. Amir Taghdiri the chief director of the 3rd Globe film festival, Yashar Nooraee the cinema critique and Amir Shahab Razavian the film director and head manager of Hilaj institute were present.

Before the inception of screening the film, Taghdiri gave a speech in a retrospective about the Globe film festival and the process of holding the 2nd edition of the festival and his plans in coming for the 3rd edition of the festival.

Eventually, the films were analyzed and criticized by Yashar Nooraee and after that, the director of “Tehran” had an in-person discussion with the audience and listened to the notions of the viewers of his movie.

This event lasted for 5 weeks in Hilaj institute and most of the award-winning films of the latest editions of the festival were screened having had a Q&A session for each and had a Q&A session.

  • – Chamber Music – Best International EXPERIMENTAL FILM
  • – 6:05 – Best National Fiction Film
  • – Duellum – Best International Fiction Film
  • – Survival – Best National Directing
  • – The Preparation – Best International Directing
  • – Shelter in the Oak – Best National Documentary Film
  • – To be Born – Best International Documentary Film
  • – This is Joe – Best International Documentary Film
  • – Faraz – Best National Cinematography
  • – Lost Village – Best International Cinematography




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