Pouria Mousavi, founder and the director of the “Globe Community of Silent Filmmakers” talks about the production and achievements of CSF with the reporter of Tasnim News.

The Globe CSF’s idea had come up on summer 2016; although founded on that year’s fall, it had officially declared existence in spring 2017.

Every year the directors, writers, and producers of the films taking part in the competition section of the Globe Festival are invited to join the community. Actually, CSF is now in contact with over 100 Directors, writers, and producers, and it also has 30 official members from around the world.

On the aims of CSF being founded, Mousavi stated: When the idea of CSF came up, I had only one main goal of “Filmmaking simplification” for the filmmakers around the world, especially silent filmmakers in mind.

He mentioned: The Globe CSF had produced and distributed two short films in the past year that had been successful in an international scale. The first film, “Madness” directed by Raha Amirfazli that had been officially selected to Tehran International Short  Film Festival and been nominated for the best experimental film in Nahal Festival. The second film, “Lunch Time” directed by Alireza Ghasemi had been premiered in Cannes Film Festival, being nominated for the Palm d’Or in Court Metrage section. It had also been nominated in 12 Oscar-qualifying film festivals and had won many Awards.

Mousavi then explained about the Special Creativity Award: In the last edition of Globe Festival, 12 CSF members had judged the films in the competition section of the 2nd GISFF and had determined to award “Object” with the Special Creativity Award. This committee was included filmmakers from Iran, France, and Algeria.

Also, in the current edition of the festival, a committee of filmmakers from Spain, America, Russia, Portugal, and Iran would be judging the films and determining the winner of the Creativity Award. The 3rd edition’s CSF jury committee will be announced soon.




He then continued, pointing out why the “special creativity award” is judged by the members of CSF: Naturally filmmakers with the experience of “non-verbal filmmaking” are more familiar with the concept and would also know the specifications of “Creativity” the best. Also, the judges who are with us in long term would be able to go through the process more carefully.

As Mousavi declared, the goals of CSF for the current year are as followed: In 2018 we will be trying to make short films and more specifically “short non-verbal films” more common to the people. Currently, we are consulting the matter with three Academics in Iran and we are aiming to have widespread screenings for the short films.

Also, in summer 2018 we will pioneer a platform in which the members of the CSF would be able to be in touch with each other.

The community has also aimed to publish theoretical issues on non-verbal cinema that we will soon start the executive process of.

Mousavi has also declared that CSF has a strong connection to other cinematic organizations: The community has cooperated with 24 Frames News; a website specialized in short films, in publishing articles introducing the film festivals around the world.  And we are eager to continue this cooperation in the upcoming years.




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