Under the pretext of the start of The 4th Globe International Silent Film Festival, let’s get to know the filmmakers present at the previous edition which was held in the University of Wisconsin-Madison last April. Let’s hear about our filmmakers’ experience of making a silent film, their participation in Globe and their gains and losses through the filmmaking process.



Anka Schimid is a Swiss filmmaker who took part in the experimental section of the festival with the film “La Dada: King Deer”. Anka has been making short films since 1981 and has graduated from Berlin DFFB school. She started freelance filmmaking in 1990. She also holds filmmaking and animating workshops.

The film “La Dada: King Deer” is a film praising Sophie Taeuber, the Dada artist. A dancer and a singer perform a duet with Taeuber’s marionettes and revive Dada as a collective art.



Marat Narimanov, Russian filmmaker, is a scenography graduate. After passing directing courses, he worked in Moscow showrooms for several years. He is now active as an illustrator and animator. Some of his well-known illustration artworks are the books “Chudaki” and “Tmutarakanskie Baiki” by Vallery Narimanov.

The animation “Big Boom” is a four-minute narration of the history of humanity on our planet. This movie is defending the environment in the form of a plan which is humorous, tragic and has an appropriate rhythm.


Monica Klemz is a Brazilian filmmaker and cinema graduate. She has worked as a first assistant director, researcher, producer, scriptwriter and director and has participated at The 3rd Globe international Silent Film Festival with the documentary “Um Jardim Singular”. This movie is about the relationship between a historic garden in Rio de Janeiro and the people passing through it as if it’s a pathway in space-time.



The experimental movie “Girasoles” by Jeff Zorrilla, divides the shape of our urban life into three sunflowers that speak in parallel.

Jeff Zorrilla is an American filmmaker born in 1984. He is a cinematography graduate of the University of Californian Santa Cruz and the University of Copenhagen and is now living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is experienced in making super eight films and has recently completed his first long documentary “Monger”.

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