Opening our daily news feed, these past few days had been deeply tortuous, but eye-opening. Watching the vicious murdering of George Floyd by a police officer had made so many people understand their role. It helped us to get rid of the toxic mentality of I am not a racist, it led us to know that that’s not enough and that being a silent non-racist person is like standing with the racist.

Having our own share of a small student-oriented platform, we encourage everyone to speak up as we are. We invite you to learn what you’d missed learning in the past, we invite you to get fully educated on the BLM movement. Understanding the roots of racism, questioning our own privilege, and setting aside those systems and beliefs internally is a life-long process. But by starting today, we can steadily move forward.

As an Iran-based international festival, we have something to tell our fellow citizens. For a long time now, we have been witnessing the same issues in Iran with fellow Afghan immigrants. This eye-opening era could be a start for us too. For us to step up against racism in our country, to educate ourselves and make sure that the generation we bring up, is not just “not racist”, but is actively ANTI-RACIST.

There are a variety of paths to take for effective education on the matter. Being aware that this is only one little way to stand with the black communities now, we encourage our fellow filmmakers to watch as many films of the lists below and actively think about the issue.

Also, it is useful to look at the angrossing list of racism related films and films about race selected by Globe Festival below ;


1. “ To kill a Mockingbird “ directed by Robert Mulligan 1962

2. “ Shadows “ directed by John Cassavetes 1959

3. “ Ali: Fear Eats the Soul “ directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder 1974

4. “ 13th “ ( documentary ) directed by Ava DuVernay 2016

5. “ Mississippi Burning “ directed by Alan Parker 1988

6. “ Do the Right Thing “ directed by Spike Lee 1989

7. “ Let the Fire Burn “ (documentary ) Directed by Jason Osder 2013

8. “ Manderlay “ directed by Lars von Trier 2005

9. “ Crash “ directed by Paul Haggis 2004

10. “ Green Book “ directed by Peter Farrelly 2018

11. “ In the Heat of the Night “ directed by Norman Jewison 1967

12. “ Fruitvale Station “ directed by Ryan Coogler 2013

13. “ Black Girl “ directed by Ousmane Sembène 1966

14. “ King in the Wilderness “ ( documentary ) Directed by
Peter Kunhardt 2018


15. “ The last black man in San Francisco “ Directed by Joe Talbot 2019


16. “ In This World “ directed by Michael Winterbottom 2002

17. “ Django Unchained “ Directed by Quentin Tarantino 2012

18. “ Lincoln “ Directed by Steven Spielberg 2012

19. “ Selma “ Directed by Ava DuVernay 2014

20. “ BlacKkKlansman “ Directed by Spike Lee 2018


Here are the Short films :

21. “ Skin “ Directed by Guy Nattiv 2018

22. “ High Hoops “ Directed by Tanner Jarman 2015

23. “ Jonah” Directed by Andrew Michael Ellis 2016

24. “ The Jog “ Directed by Joseph Lee Anderson 2019

25. “ Absent “ Directed by Sudarshan Suresh 2017


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