Here are the “Best Documentary Film” nominees;


1. “Silent Symphony” by Aitor Gametxo

2. “Time and Tide” by Marleen Van Der Werf

3. “Slow and Sluggish” by Delavar Doustanian

🏆And the winner is “Slow and Sluggish” by Delavar Doustanian.


Here are the “Best Experimental Film” nominees;


1. “Planet ∑” by Momoko Seto

2. “MAKYO ( THERE IS A GHOST INSIDE YUUU )” by Brian Imakura

3. “Wishing Well” by Sylvia Schedelbauer

4. “Officeless” by Julia Kushnarenko

5. “Night Horse” by Jeroen Van der Stock


🏆And the winner is “Wishing Well” by Sylvia Schedelbauer.


Here are the “Best Animation Film” nominees;

1. “Stopgap in Stop Motion” by Stephen Featherstone

2. “Perfect Town” by Anaïs Voirol

3. “Finity Calling” by Jasper Kuipers

4. “Bloeistraat 11” by Nienke DEUTZ

5. “Epirenov” by Alejandro Ariel Martin

🏆 And the winner is “Bloeistraat 11” by Nienke DEUTZ.


Here are the “Best Fiction Film” nominees;

1. “Pure” by Jędrzej Ziembiński

2. “And , We Disappear” by Meredith Hama-Brown

3. “Venusian” by Cameron Mackenzie and Suzanne Friesen

4. “Ouroboros” by Emma Keehan

5. “Aardbei ( Strawberry)” by Leendert Roosenbrand

🏆And the winner is “Pure” by Jędrzej Ziembiński.


Here are the “Best Script” nominees;

1. “Pure” by Jędrzej Ziembiński

2. “Doffice” by David Leclercq

3. “Epirenov” by Alejandro Ariel Martin

4. “Wet Graveyard” by Maryam Yavari

5. “When We Swim” by Portlynn Tagavi

6. “Ouroboros” by Emma Keehan


🏆The winner is “Doffice” by David Leclercq
and the honorary diploma goes to “Epirenov” by Alejandro Ariel Martin.


Here are the “Best Directing” nominees;

1. “Pure” by Jędrzej Ziembiński

2. “Doffice” by David Leclercq

3. “Aardbei ( Strawberry)” by leendertroosenbrand

4. “When We Swim” by Portlynn Tagavi

5. “Ouroboros” by Emma Keehan


🏆And the winner is “Ouroboros” by Emma Keehan.


The winners of the “Special Jury Award” are;

🏆 “Wet Graveyard ” by Maryam Yavari and “When We Swim” by “Portlynn Tagavi ” .


🏆 The winner of the Creativity Award is “Symbiosis” by Paul Raillard.

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