The Selection process of the Second Globe International Silent Film Festival is finished!  According to the public relations office of the Globe International Silent Film Festival, the selection process of the second year of the festival has finished. Members of the selection committee include Ms. Sara Tabib Zadeh, Mr. Mohammad Haddadi, Mr. Amin Dehghan, Mr. Alireza Ghasemi, Mr. Gianluca Balla, and Mr. Dario Jurilli.  According to Raha Amirfazli, director of the Second Globe International Silent Film Festival, around 3000 films were submitted to the festival this year, with the most number of submissions coming from the USA. India, the United Kingdom, Iran, and Italy also submitted the second to fourth most films respectively. From around the 3000 submissions to the festival, 82 films have been accepted into the competition section. These films include 27 fiction films, 18 experimental films, 31 animations, and 6 documentaries.  The Jury committee of the festival will official be announced in the following month.



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