This year, the nearly 3000 submitted films of the Globe International Silent Film Festival consisted of 287 documentaries. This tremendous increase from last year’s 128 made us, the organizers of GISFF, incredibly proud and joyful.

We are now honored to inform everyone that the selection process for the documentaries is finished. Mr. Mohammad Haddadi, one of the members of this year’s selection committee who was in charge of viewing the documentaries, reported to the festival’s public relations about the difficulty of choosing between so many wonderful films. However, as it was required, he did so.

From the 287 documentaries, 6 films have entered the competition section of this year’s GISFF. We are proud of every one of these six filmmakers who represent the spirit of Globe and everything that it is about.

Mr. Mohammad Haddadi himself emphasized a great deal on the power and magic of these films. We wish them all wonderful news from the screenings.

  • The Offering /Director: Haythem Ameur / Country: Algeria
  • Shepherd’s Purse / Director: Dong Hao / Country: China
  • All Seasons become one / Director: Shannon Michael Terry / Country: US
  • Object / Director: Paulina Skibinska / Country: Poland
  • Sotto / Director: Ina Ferlan/ Country: Slovenian
  • Excising the Heart / Director: Samuel Karow / Country: US



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