Among nearly 3000 submitted films, this year, the Globe International Silent Film Festival had the honor of receiving 621 animations. Last year, animations were one of our most popular categories during the days of the festival. We received 313 submissions in the first year. This year this number has nearly doubled, and the animations were completely and utterly mesmerizing.

Ms. Sara Tabibzadeh, member of our selection committee in charge of viewing the animations felt very strongly about the animations. She is among our past winners and even she admitted that this years animations were incredible. From these 621 submissions, Ms. Tabibzadeh has chose 31 entries. These are incredible, incredible films. We the members of the board of directors are always so proud of our animation entries, but this year’s films took our expectations to an entirely new level.

We wish to hear good news about all of these wonderful friends’ films. The screening days are in April, from the 5th to the 9th. Do not miss the chance of viewing these beautiful films.

The 31 selected films are as follows :

Hypertrain / Director: Etienne Kompis / Country: Switzerland
Once upon a line / Director: Alicja Jasina / Country: US
We are the immigrants / Director: Catalina Matamoros / Country: US
Crowd / Director: Jachym Bouzek / Country: Czech Republic
Still life / Director: Mehdi Shiri / Country: Iran
The pear / Director: Tong Reko / Country: China
Feed / Director: Eri Okazaki / Country: Japan
The leak and the clog / Director: Alyana Cabral / Country: US
Phosphoros / Director: Manolya Kuelkoeylue / Country: Germany
On the line / Director: Mengchi Kang / Country: China
Only love will break your heart / Director: Sofie De Cleene / Country: Belgium
Window / Director: Victoria Livingstone / Country: US
Ego / Director: Pei Hsin Cho / Country: Taiwan
Dad’s fragile doll / Director: Ali Zare Ghanatnowi / Country: Iran
Body text / Director: Danit Elgev / Country: Netherlands
Therapy room / Director: Qieer Wang / Country: China
Merlot / Director: GIULIA MARTINELLI - MARTA GENNARI / Country: Italy
You are not the strongest / Director: Emilio Yebra / Country: Spain
Milky ways / Director: Honami Yano / Country: Japan
Switchman / Director: Mehdi Khoramian / Country: Iran
The little boy / Director: Mona Abdollah Shahi / Country: Iran
Dino or something / Director: Magdalena Pilecka / Country: Poland
Shades of gray/ Director: Alexandra Averyanov / Country: Russian Federation
Benu / Director: Dominik Schon / Country: Germany
full color/ Director: Ario Saffarzadegan / Country: Iran
Pirate Smooch/ Director: Tobias Trebeljahr / Country: Germany
Dream / Director: Golnaz Moghaddam / Country: Iran
Pain/ Director: Nadya Fedotova / Country: Russian Federation
Mechanical/ Director: Alba Capilla / Country: Spain
Last Judgment/ Director: Junyi Xiao / Country: US
Mijndert/ Director: Janneke Swinkels and Tim Frijsinger / Country: Netherlands


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