Nearly 3000 films were submitted to the festival this year. The number of experimental films among them was an astonishing 1182, which is an incredible increase from last year.

After the deadline of the submission deadline, our selection committee members Mr. Dario Jurilli and Mr. Alireza Ghasemi viewed the films carefully. They were both amazed at the quality of the films. From all the submissions, 18 films were selected to enter the competition section of the festival.

As we see it, experimental filmmaking is what paves the way for progress in filmmaking, so we are incredibly proud to be in the company of the pioneers of the cinema of the future.

The festival is held between the 6th and 9th of April. We wish the best of news for all of our filmmakers, including our creative experimental filmmakers.


  • Death race / Director: Edo Tagliavini / Country: Italy
  • Wraps / Director: Khashayar Rahimi / Country: Iran
  • Wanderer / Director: Martynas Kundrotas / Country: Lithuania
  • Void / Director: Hamid Ghodrati / Country: Iran
  • Tears in rain / Director: Jeroen Cluckers / Country: Belgium
  • Oneiria / Director: Jeroen Cluckers / Country: Belgium
  • Light study / Director: Josephine Massarella / Country: Canada
  • The Origin / Director: Mojtaba Pourabdollah / Country: Iran
  • No guess / Director: Igor Notte / Country: Finland
  • Adam / Director: Evelyn Ross / Country: US
  • Transitions / Director: Ana Barroso / Country: Portugal
  • It’s only three nails / Director: Ahmad Al Hajj / Country: Syrian Arab Republic
  • Koma / Director: Cyril Haas / Country: France
  • Passenger fantasy / Director: Neil Needleman / Country: US
  • The words hear the light / Director: Diego Fiori / Country: Austria
  • Culvert affairs / Director: Kelly Hill / Country: Canada
  • Our turn / Director: Max Vartanov / Country: US
  • Reshet/ Director: Rachel Gutgarts 

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