The first Globe Film Festival presents its Film Week event, with the assistance of the Cinematheque department of The Museum of Modern Art. Presenters of the event welcome people in three separate screenings daily Sunday April 10th to Thursday April 14th of 2016. In the interest of exposing the audience to silent filmmaking in the history of cinema, the secretary of The Globe holds an event for screening the brilliant silent films of cinema history, a week before the screenings of the selected films. The focus of these screenings would be on the films of Victor Sjöström. In addition, silent works of filmmakers such as Yasujiro Ozu, Fritz Lang, Mauritz Stiller, Carl Theodor Dreyer, Robert Wiene, Karl Heinz Martin, and short avant-garde and experimental films will be presented.

It is worth mentioning that attendance is free for the public. The event is held at the Museum of Modern art, located at the western side of Laleh park, North Karegar St.

silent film week

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