Due to the recent Travel Ban of the citizens of 7 countries, The Globe International Film Festival (GISFF) team members missed the opportunity to attend the festival they worked for over a year. After a series of long and tense discussions between GISFF Policy Directors, we decided to share a short note with you:

Since the dawn of humanity on earth, man has always sought for a free world. A world devoid of discrimination based on gender, color, race, nationality, and ethnicity. A world that no one violates others’ freedom and rights. Although it might sound utopian, we need to assist each other in this rocky road regardless of our minor differences. We need to help each other as we all are humans. Even though we are banned to enter the United States and meet with the GISFF nominated filmmakers, we are hopeful to echo the message of our unity with Michigan State University. The organizing team of this event at MSU, which consists of students from different countries and background, are our true representatives from thousands of miles away to spread the message of peace, equality, and freedom. We wish, by holding this cultural and artistic event, we can show the world that no matter how much politics can limit us; sodality can always represent us as human beings. We hope you enjoy this year’s GISFF selected films.


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