One of the prizes that are awarded at the Globe International Silent Film Festival is the Creativity Award. Every year a number of the members of the Community of Silent Filmmakers of the Globe International Silent Film Festival who are willing to take part in the viewing and jury process, review the festival’s entries from a “creativity” point of view and choose the film worthy of winning this award.

The reason for giving the task of choosing the winner of this award to the members of the Community of Silent Filmmakers, is that not only they have experience in making silent films in the previous years of the festival, but also considering they have been a member of the Community of Silent Filmmakers for several years, they are able to choose the winner with an accumulated knowledge and experience in the field of creativity.


Afshin Roshanbakht

An Associate of Arts degree in Graphic and a research degree in animation from the National Film and Television school in London.

Has received over 20 awards from several international festivals.

We all have decoded the world around us through the act of seeing, from the very first days of our lives to the very last. What is clear is that before the creation of any language or sound, the eyes were the intermediate between us and our surroundings, and it is safe to say that we are innate watchers before we are listeners. Therefor seeing is a nostalgic matter, same as the first days of silent cinema. The Community of Silent Filmmakers is one of those rare and joyful experiences that would rarely happen again. Films that tell their stories much clearer through image, with a language that is the most universal; silence.



Arian Vazirdaftari

Biography :He learned the basics of filmmaking in Karnameh Film School in Tehran. Right now he is getting his masters degree in cinema at Tehran University of Dramatic Arts. So far he has made 5 short films. `Not yet` is his most recent film, which has been finished recently and had its national premiere at 33rd Tehran Short Film Festival in November 2016. It won the grand prix of the festival for best fiction.



1. Not yet, 2016, 15 min, fiction 

Best International fiction (grand prix), 33rd Tehran Short Film Festival

Art & Experience Award, 33rd Tehran Short Film Festival

2. Faraz, 2015, 12min, fiction

Tehran silent film festival, cinematography award 

3.Mon Amour, 2014, 6min

Tehran Mobile Film Festival (silver prize winner)

IFF5 (iPhone Film Festival) (best fiction film)

Persian Film Festival (Australia) (official selection)

Toronto smartphone Film Festival (official selection)

Tehran Tasvir Film Festival (official selection)


4.Holidays ,2014, 15min, fiction

Official Selection, International competition Sedicicorto Film Festival, Italy

Official Selection Tehran Tasvir Film Festival


5.Mrs.Colonel, 2013, 15min, fiction

Official selection International competition In the palace film festival, Bulgaria


Boubakr Boukhari 

Studied fine arts in Algeria. Received training on cinema animation, worked in a joint venture between the EU and the Maghreb to produce cartoon animation. Then dabble in Tunisia in the field of advertising and audiovisual production. His showreel includes many animated feature films, series, music videos and animated shorts. He worked as teacher in visual effects , also helped in the preparation of some of the festivals and cultural events, with many associations. Participated in training and providing workshops in cartoon animation.


Mahnaz Yazdani

Born in September 1980, MA in Animation

Caricaturist, director, animator, and animation screenwriter since 2001. Has worked with several national newspapers and magazines as a caricaturist, including E’temad, E’temad Melli, Shahrvand, Vaghaye Ettefaghyieh, J?m-e-Jam, Isfahan-e-Nimrouz Magazine, Comedy, and Caricature) Has also been present at national and international caricature festivals.



Masoud Hatami

He was raised in a family of art lovers. He was introduced to fine arts and music in an early age and followed both paths professionally by taking part in several concerts and art exhibitions until his teenage years.

He acted in a movie at the age of 12, since then he has been active in cinema. Masoud left his hometown of Rasht after high school in order to study cinema in Tehran Film School, Karnameh Association and the Iranian Youth Cinema Society.


Mehdi Nourmohammadi

Mehdi Nourmohammadi, born in 1979 in Ilam, Iran. Received an Associate degree in Cultural and Artistic Affairs. Created the documentary “Sheltered in Oak”, which has won several national and international prizes, including the Crystal Simorgh from the 32nd Fajr International Film Festival, the award for the best film at Belgium’s 22nd Namur International Film Festival, and the award for best national documentary at the first Globe International Silent Film Festival.




Mohammad Zare

Mohammad Zare, director and animator, has a bachelor’s degree in animation directing, and has been professionally active in animation since 2009. A few short films, advertisement videos and animation series are results of this activity. Most of his work are in the field of Stop Motion technique.

Zare has received a lot of success as a result of these films, including 33 national and international awards, nomination in 10 festivals, presence in 150 national and international festivals, and being chosen as a member of the selection committee and jury committee in the Paris and Bangladesh film festivals, as well as receiving the title of the Model Youth and Most Deserving filmmaker in 2016.

His Films include: 

  • Junk Girl
  • Cage
  • Playing with Clay
  • Ice Cream Teaser
  • Supporter
  • Tree
  • Maybe We Are Angels
  • Paper Game


Pierre Gaffie

Pierre GAFFIé is a filmmaker and cinema teacher. He studied philosophy and cinema before embarking for 6 years on French television as a film reviewer in mainstream programs.
He then decided that it was time for a change and to take some risks. He switched position and went from "in front" the camera to behind the camera. He directed "The dolphin skin city", "20 meters of love in Montmartre" and "Relativity explained to children", all of them very well received in festivals and TVs all around the world.




Shadi Karamroudi

Born in 1990

Graduated the Tehran University of Art as an instrumentalist, also graduated from Karnameh school of acting.

Acted in the movies: “Fish & Cat”, “Mastaneh”, and “A Very Ordinary Citizen”

Experience in directing, writing and producing short films

I was present at the first Globe International Silent Film Festival as a producer and actor of the film “Faraz”.


Shaheen Daneshfar

Shauheen Daneshfar, Born in Tehran, Iran 12/January/1988
Filmmaker, Still photographer and cinematographer
Director of the 12th Nahal student short film festival at 2016
Worked in many film projects as Director, Cinematographer, Production
Manager, Promotion Manager, etc.
Graduated diploma photography at 2008, graduated Iranian young cinema
society at 2001, Studying Cinematography at Tehran university of art.




Tiyam Yabandeh


I fell in love with cinema through silent films, maybe it’s even better to say through the meaning of the word cinema (motion), which takes us on a journey, alongside cinematic images, through other people’s subjective world, and their point of view through the lens with which they have discovered the world.

I see the Silent Film Festival as an homage to the true essence of cinema which is image and I have a lot of respect for it, and the Community of Silent Filmmakers, which I see as a single frame for each of the members that next to each other creates a unique visual event.

I hope to see a platform for common creativity and for creating collaborative films and having meetings alongside our filmmaker friends from all over the world without any boundaries …


Shohreh Ra’ayati

MA in Theater Acting and Directing

Began her work as an actor and director in school, and has taken part in several student festivals, the Fajr festival, and other festivals, and has achieved success as an actor and director.

She has had several public performances. She has worked as an actor in t Iran’s National TV, as well as an associate in cinema. She has directed a number of documentaries and short films. She is also a teacher at several schools and institutions.

As an actor: Horn, Passer of Narrow Streets, The Wind Shakes the Window, Night, Nights of the Evinian.

As a theater director: Killing Children, The Grand Prize, Killing Men and Killing Women

Short Film: Six-oh-Five

Documentary: directed the 15-episode documentary “Khasteh Nabashid” (loosely translated as “Be Well”)




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