Globe International Silent Film Festival's 3rd edition will be held this year. Since this event is held independently by the students and filmmakers, as a matter of fact, fundraising is a great challenge for us. Hence, we've chosen "crowdfunding" to afford the required expenses, hoping to help for having a better festival with your support. 




So what is Crowdfunding?

"Crowdfunding" is a campaign for receiving financial support from various community groups of society specially the internet users for a project by paying a part of the required budget, in order to support the artists, startups, idea developers and new businesses.  

In a Crowdfunding project, the entrepreneurs explain their idea and run a campaign so that people and groups afford their required funds with supporting them financially.

This method is also known as collective investment or monetary contribution, so the idea developers who decided to run a project ask people to help them afford the expanses with their small financial support, instead of banks or investors and benefit from the final production and the appointed perks and rewards. 

The main point in this method is the supporters act. Supporters are the one who enliven a project by their contribution and are worthy of the respect and honor. Hence, the rewards considered for them, the project's creativity and the informing methods are effective in a campaign's success. 

Reward-based Crowdfunding invites people to invest with small amounts of money. In this method, each supporter can choose a perk from the ones in the project and contribute with a small payment, in return.




What are the platforms that GISFF will use?





"Indiegogo" is a international crowdfunding site that turns the good ideas into reality. This site actually creates an opportunity for the idea developers to put their ideas into action, for everyone should have that opportunity. Indiegogo also help the entrepreneurs with their new businesses. The supporters from any country can help any project they choose through these websites.





"Hamijoo" is an Iranian crowdfunding website working since March 2013. This website is a connection between the idea developers and their supporters. In this website, the festival holders, or the film-makers create a page for their project so the backers will be informed of the required budget and choose to help any of these projects. This site is specifically for the Iranian users and the financial bakers inside Iran so they can support their intended project.


The crowdfunding campaign's launch date will be announced soon. Stay tuned.

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