The 5th edition of The Globe International Silent Film Festival is now open for submitting your entries.

This year, Globe International Silent Film Festival expects to receive films in fiction, documentary, experimental and animation sections through FilmFreeway platform.

You can submit your films in the next 15 days for free!

Submission deadline: January 31th.

5th edition’s Terms and conditions:

Film terms

1. The criteria for a silent film:
No dialogues, clear words and subtitle for out of the scene dialogues are the main criteria for a silent movie.
Ambient sounds or unclear dialogues as ambient sounds, and soundtracks can be in the film.
2. Usage of intertitles is acceptable. (In case the language of intertitles is other than English, they must be subtitled into English.)
3. Any film submitted to the festival should last less than 45 minutes.

Submission terms

1. Filmmakers from all over the world are allowed to submit their films for the International competition via FilmFreeway .
2. In case your film weren’t accepted, the fee won’t be refundable.
3. There is no limit for the quantity of submissions per filmmaker.
4. As an expectation there is no limit for the film’s production year.
5. The same film you submitted for the previous editions of the festival, won’t be accepted to enter the selection process.
6. In case of infringing copyright or third party right, using the soundtrack without having the copyright, or violation of any judicial right, all the responsibility and judicial accountability is on the filmmaker.
7. Films accepted for the festival and scheduled for screening are not allowed to be withdrawn.
8. The deadline date will not be extended.

Additional terms
1. The globe team will certainly contact you before showcasing the film.
2. Participants in the competition must know that by submitting their film, they give the Globe International Silent Film Festival the authority to use the publicity materials for promoting the film and the festival. They must understand that if their film is selected, the festival has the display right.
3. Unpredicted cases will be decided by the festival’s official secretariat and submitters will be informed about them.
4. The result of the selection board’s review will be announced through the press, valid websites, the festival’s official website and social media pages. Also, you will receive emails from our portals and PR coordinators.
5. Submitting your film in the festival means accepting all the rules above.
6. For following up questions, visit the festival website or email us.


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